Adventures in Earth is a book for 7 - 9 year olds which delves into the history of exploration across our planet. Combining detailed maps, topographic route diagrams, and full-spread illustrations of mountain ranges, deserts and forests (along with details of native wildlife species), it presents a variety of expeditions on land and sea, both well-known and less documented.

Adventures on Earth


Publisher's description:

Graphic illustrator Simon Tyler explores the extremes of our planet – and the people who venture there – in his bold and colourful style.

Following on from the magnificent Adventures in Space, comes a compendium on a topic closer to home – our planet, the Earth. Learn about the highest and deepest, hottest and coldest places on Earth – travel to the extremes of our environment.

Discover the world's most wild terrain – deserts, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, jungles, oceans, the polar regions and more – as well as the animals that live there and the people who have explored them.

Find out how these regions are under threat from global warming and other issues, and learn what we can do to conserve them.

Bursting with information and illustrated in bold and colourful graphics, this book will grab the attention of all avid explorers – big and small.

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