Bugs was Simon's first book. Aimed at 7 - 9 year olds, it combines general background information and illustrations describing the insect class, along with specimen-style top down illustrations of a wide variety of insect species, grouped into their respective orders.



Publisher's description:

This book shows all types of insects in colourful detail and tells you all about their senses, defences, camouflage, how they catch prey, where they live and more. Become a bug expert and see their real beauty with this stunning book.

This is a gorgeous coffee-table quality book that features over 50 bugs illustrated in a cool and graphic style.

Packed with stunning, detailed illustrations and astonishing facts, this book will introduce you to some of the strangest, scariest, biggest, smallest and most beautiful insects around.

Discover the bug with a 50-cm-long tongue, get to know the insect that eats dung for dinner and meet the ant that can paralyse with a single sting!

Want to become a bug expert?
Then look no further.

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